Experimental investigation of the stress state of the medium at a roller forming method of fastening the circular outline of the tunnel

S.V. Zaychenko


High-grade monolithic finish of the tunnel defines its main technical and operational characteristics. Experience sealing monolithic structures by roll forming is possible to apply in the theoretical and experimental investigation of densification process upon formation of a monolithic ring construction by roller compaction method. In this article a large-scale studies have been conducted on the design of the outer sealing ring with diameter of 1.5 m by roller working body of R=0.067m radius and R=0.080m for a variety of fine-grained mixture. The theoretical and empirical formulas for estimating limit support pressure were verified by the tests results.


contact pressure; deformation; shearing resistance; tunnel


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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20535/2079-5688.2014.23.28622


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