No 20

Table of Contents


Modeling the interaction of surface seismic shock wave with the base of protected structure PDF (Українська)
Наталья Сергеевна Ремез, Yulia Serhiivna Yashchenko
Research of propagation of shock waves in rocks during the explosion of blasthole charges PDF (Русский)
Volodymyr Pavlovych Kurinnyi 11-16
Effect of high temperature water on collapse processes at the watering loess soils PDF (Українська)
Natalia Volodymyrivna Zuievska 17-20
Influence of reinforcement and elastic basis on fluctuations of rectangular in plan view flat ridge cylindrical shells PDF (Українська)
Viktor Heorhiiovych Kravets, Petro Zakharovych Luhovyi, N Ya Prokopenko 20-26


The results of comparison of theoretical and experimental studies of the pressure charges explosion during secondary rock blasting PDF (Українська)
Ivan Andriiovych Luchko, Anton Viktorovych Prokopenko, Andrii Ivanovych Luchko 27-31
Substantiation of the seismic safe parameters of the explosion in rocks with covering soils PDF (Українська)
Natalia Ivanivna Zhukova, Viktor Danylovych Vorobiov, Anatolii Ivanovych Kriuchkov 32-44
Compatibility assessment of smoky and nitroglycerin powders PDF (Українська)
M F Buller, L A Belova, S P Yarmanova 44-48
Analysis of development new explosives with low sensitivity PDF (Українська)
Anatolii Arkadiiovych Zheltonozhko, Vasyl Romanovych Zakusylo 48-51
Specific consumption of explosives at destroying the rocks with different properties PDF (Українська)
Oksana Yaroslavivna Tverda, Viktor Danylovych Vorobiov 52-58
Analysis of methane-mining methods at the mining of gas hydrate fields PDF (Українська)
Natalia Anatoliivna Shevchuk, M A Malashenko 58-62
Stabilization the quality of the coal mined in the complex structure deposits PDF (Русский)
Serhii Pavlovych Pushkin 63-71
Destruction of rocks under the action of waterjet PDF (Українська)
O Yu Urozhenko, V S Yurepina, Kostyantyn Kostyantynovych Tkachuk 72-75
Control of the amplitude-frequency spectrum of the delayed explosion to reduce the seismic effect PDF (Русский)
Viktor Viktorovych Boiko, Natalia Serhiivna Remez, Viktor V Boiko 76-82
Determination the volume of seamy rock destruction by explosion of borehole charges using the stress intensity coefficient PDF (Українська)
Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Frolov 63-69
Considering the strength of the molecular relations of rocks at their destruction PDF (Українська)
Oleh Markovych Terentiev 88-94
Application the destruction hubs for removing coal pillars PDF (Українська)
Kostiantyn Kostiantynovych Tkachuk, Stanislav Mykolaiovych Stovpnyk, Tetiana Volodymyrivna Hrebeniuk 94-98
Influence of the composition of prepared in-situ explosives on explosion efficiency PDF (Русский)
Tetiana Mykolaivna Perelot, Viktor Stepanovych Prokopenko, Anatolii Ivanovych Kriuchkov 99-105

Mining machinery and equipment

Surface miner testing results at hard rock mining operations PDF (Русский)
Iryna Mykhailivna Vlashchuk, Viktor Danylovych Vorobiov, Anatolii Ivanovych Kriuchkov, R M Sydor 106-116
Analysis of electric detonators firing time PDF (Українська)
O I Kashuba, A V Prymak, Yu V Manzhos 116-122
Mathematical model of the digging process of the power shovel excavator PDF (Українська)
Anatolii Ivanovych Kriuchkov, Liubov Ivanivna Yevtieieva 122-131

Electrification and automation of mining

Parametric optimization of the control of electromechanical systems with the identified transfer function PDF (Русский)
Valentyn Mykhailovych Chermalykh, Ivan Yaroslavovych Maidanskyi, Alla Vasylivna Bosak 132-138
The methodological approach to determining of the influence and ensuring factors on the level of energy consumption PDF (Українська)
Viktor Petrovych Rozen, V F Tkachenko 138-147
The classification of load-controlled consumers of the production systems PDF (Русский)
Viktor Petrovych Rozen, H V Kurbaka 147-153
Asynchronous motors with massive magnetic elements to improve the borehole submersible pump efficiency PDF (Українська)
O M Popovych, I V Holovan 153-158
The energetic model of forming and maintaining standards for systems of functional monitoring of asynchronous drive PDF (Українська)
Oleh Oleksandrovych Zakladnyi, Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Zakladnyi, Ivan Vasylovych Prytyskach 159-167
ARMABIS-emulators in adaptive automatic control systems PDF (Українська)
V P Shchokin 167-175
Construction of optimal computational models of electrical balances for production and economic objects PDF (Українська)
V F Nakhodov, Olena Volodymyrivna Borychenko, O O Musatova 175-183

Geoecology and labour protection

Quantification the harmful gases in the explosion products with accounts of rock strength PDF (Українська)
V V Tverdyi 184-188
Larysa Anatoliivna Serbinova, Anatolii Omelianovych Vodianyk 189-197
Modeling the process of combustible dust deposits in the mine workings of coal mines PDF (Русский)
V Ye Kolesnyk 197-202
Actual problems of temperature regime control in working areas at the Donbass deep mines PDF (Русский)
A M Briukhanov, O I Kashuba, A K Yakovenko, S A Krutenko 203-214
Algorithm for planning measures for labour protection at the plant using the dynamic programming PDF (Українська)
K N Tkachuk, Yurii O Polukarov, Oleh Yevheniiovych Kruzhylko, Volodymyr Volodymyrovych Maistrenko 215-218
Problems of verifying wastewater characteristics PDF (Українська)
Ihor Semenovych Yremieiev, Alina Olehivna Dychko 218-223
Modern approaches to reducing noise levels near enterprises with continuous production cycle PDF (Українська)
V A Hlyva, L O Levchenko, O Ya Yevtushok, F Ya Khlystun 223-228
Development of methane sensors for universal broadband gas analyzers PDF (Русский)
V I Holinko, O K Kotliarov 229-238
Improving the environmental safety during engineering stage of mobile cellular network PDF (Українська)
O V Kapitaniuk 239-244
Ecological aspect of national energy strategy in the context of sustainable development of the state PDF (Українська)
Ye M Inshekov, O M Kozub, O S Drobakha 245-251
Influence of production factors in the conditions of usage the personal protective equipment PDF (Українська)
L D Tretiakova, A O Hulenko 252-257
Changing direction of groundwater flow to protect against karstification in rock massif PDF (Українська)
Akhmed Medzhyd ohly Samedov, Viktor Heorhiiovych Kravets, Viktor Viktorovych Boiko, Anatolii Leonidovych Han, A V Frantsishko 257-264
Substantiation of the seismically safe charge weight depending on the seasonality PDF (Русский)
Andrii Mykhailovych Pasichnyk 264-268